What we can offer...

Landlord Gas Saftey Check 

Every gas appliance in rented accommodation needs to be checked within every 12 months to comply with law and to confirm its safe operation.

We normally charge £45 for a one off CP12 which includes 1 boiler and 1 cooker. £15 per an appliance thereafter. (e.g. boiler & cooker - £45, fire - £15 total £60)

A Back Boiler or Warm Air Unit is charged at £60.

We can offer landlords that have 3 or more properties a discount of £5 - off every CP12. 

For example if you have 4 properties the total price would be £160 as opposed to £180. 

We will also certify up to 3  appliances (as opposed to 2) in each property for added value. 

Landlords with more then 10 properties can enjoy further discounts, please contact us for more information.

We can also let you know when your next CP12's are due with our automated reminders.

Boiler Replacement

Most small to medium sized properties have combi boilers installed, when the time comes the price of a reliable replacement can be costly. 

We can offer landlords a budget boiler that's backed up with a 5 year manufacturers guarantee from a house hold name, the package includes compliant heating controls that are in line with the new BoilerPlus regulations, a chemical flush & central heating filter all for a fixed price of £1200*

*Price is for a boiler swap that is in the same location.

What is BoilerPlus?

The new Boiler Plus legislation has been designed to ensure that all households in the UK are energy efficient. Boiler Plus is the biggest piece of legislation since 2005 when the UK became the first country to become “all-condensing”.

All new boilers from April 2018 must have a minimum ErP efficiency of 92% with time and temperature controls fitted if they aren't already present and working correctly.

Also combi boilers, the most popular boiler type in the market require one of four additional requirements. Each will need to suit each individual homeowners circumstances. It means each installation will include an aspect of consultancy as you discuss the best needs for the customer. The measures available are:

  • Load compensation - the ability to use the current room temperature to modulate the flow temperature from the, this needs the control and boiler to intelligently communicate.
  • Weather compensation - the ability to use outdoor sensors to find out the outside temperature to modulate the flow temperature from the boiler.
  • Smart control - A control that provides automated heating, hot water and optimised boiler efficiency.
  • FGHR (Flue Gas Heat Recovery)